• Flower drum play - Bu Guo

Changsha has a long history and hosts many art forms recognized nationwide as “intangible cultural heritage”, including Hunan embroidery, Liuyang fireworks, chrysanthemum stone carving, Hunan opera and the Huogong Palace temple fair.

The city is also known for its Chu culture, decorative porcelain, and ancient institutions of higher learning, calligraphy, painting and music. Changsha’s flower-drum opera is very popular among local people, featuring folk songs played with a flower-drum. The opera took shape at the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

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  • Sha'ping Township

    Intangible Culture Heritage Quality Education Base of Teenagers

  • Embroidery inheritors gather in Changsha

    More than 80 representative inheritors for the 28 embroidery types from across the country, such as Xiang embroidery, Suzhou, Guangdong, Sichuan and Beijing embroidery

  • Rare Folk Craftsmanship may Face a Loss

    The National Folk Crafts and Arts Exhibition has recently been held in the Hunan Crafts and Arts Vocational Technical Institute, where a piece of clay is turned into a “villa” after a delicate kneading procedure

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