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2018 Chinese Bridge Top 15 Selected



The fourth round of the finals of the 17th Chinese Bridge—Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students began in Changsha on July 17. After finishing the tests and games, the top 15 contestants were selected from top 30 based on their results of this round and their performance of the first three rounds. They were Linhao, Anran, Si Teng from Oceania, Ke Luhan, An Haoyu and Paul from America, Mai Lena, Ding Jiaming and Deng Ken from Africa, Lu Silan, Jiang Mingsi and Qi Shanxin from Europe, as well as Guan Huimin, Tao Xinfu and Gu Yige from Asia.

Translator: Wang Xiaolu
Chinese source: bridge.chinese.cn, hn.people.com.cn
Photo source: bridge.chinese.cn