Changsha Airport Handles 544,000 Passengers During National Da...

The Changsha Huanghua International Airport handled 545,000 passengers and dealt with 3...

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Changsha Attracts 7.95 Mln Tourists During Golden Week

The Hunan Tourism Development Commission and Changsha Tourism Bureau announced that over 7.95 million tourist trips were made in Changsha, and 7.15 billion CNY of revenue generated during the national day golden week from October 1 to 7.

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Hunan People Pay Homage to Martyrs

The photo shows people from all walks of life present flower baskets to revolutionary m...

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National Day Holiday

Oct. 1st is China's National Day. It is a festival of great importance to the people nationwide and they celebrate it with grea...

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival or Chinese Moon Festival, is one of the three major annual occasions in China.

History and Legends

Mid-Autumn Festival is an inherited custom of moon sacrificial ceremonies.

Moon Cakes

In the old days, snack workshops in Changsha began to prepare moon cake production when spring came.

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National Day Holiday Cultural Activities
Fire God Palace
HB (Changsha) Film Town Park
Changsha Library
Xie Zilong Photography Museum
Orange Ise
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